For our future

We believe that everyone involved in tech should apply a meaningful purpose, focus and attention to solving relevant problems in responsible ways - and ensure a level of respect, openness and trust so that we will be able to leverage technology to build a better future.

We want the value of technology to blossom. But for that we need to steer its development in a direction that is fundamentally good. This must not be based on regulation but led by principles and by leaders who care about creating a better future.

Denmark's Techfestival ignited the Tech for Life flame. Importantly, it gave rise to the Copenhagen Letter, devised and agreed upon by 150 technologists, philosophers, educators and artists. The Tech pledge was later introduced, enabling individuals to publicly commit to working towards making tach a force for good in society.

In support of Techfestival's trailblazing approach to challenging our industry to step-up, we ask that you pledge your commitment to a future where technology works for us, rather than against us.

Sign the Tech Pledge here

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